Internet Search Engines
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Internet Search Engines

ALTA VISTA is the result of a research project started in the summer of 1995 at Digital's Research Laboratories in Palo Alto, California. By combining a fast Web crawler with scalable indexing software, the team was able to build a large index of the Web in the Fall of 1995. After two months of internal testing, we produced an even larger index consisting of the full text of over 16,000,000 pages. We made the site public on the 15th of December 1995. Within three weeks of launch, we were handling over two million HTTP requests per day. Within two months AltaVista had grown to more than 21,000,000 pages, ten billion words and five million daily HTTP requests.

Lycos is a robot search engine that browses the Web World automatically and continuously. It contains information about over 5 million Web pages. To start a query, you first submit complete keywords or substrings. The Lycos gives you a classified list of the Web links showing the best matches first, ten at a time. Lycos gives a sample of each link, consisting usuallly of the first 20 rows of text. Since Lycos is very popular, you may at times have difficulty with connecting to it.

Yahoo is a manually maintained list, not a robot system as Lycos and InfoSeek. Yahoo is based on a classified collection of links containing tested, selected choices. At the moment Yahoo houses over 50,000 links in a large database divided into 14 main groups. The classification is Yahoo's own, not based on any existing standard.

In principle a payable robot search engine working on the basis of a username and password. However, in the beginning you can use InfoSeek free of charge. InfoSeek is an effective and comprehensive search engine housing links that the others don't have. InfoSeek lists on your screen 20 matches at a time. Searches can be executed only on the basis of complete keywords. InfoSeek carries out queries also in the News Groups.